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For years, bars have become an essential part of society. Simply being able to walk into somewhere with your friends, find yourselves a table, and enjoy a night of relaxing and good music, is an amazingly simple concept on its own; yet it’s one which we all lust for. Look no further than Bar So for the best Bournemouth beach bars.

The best beach bars Bournemouth experience

At Bar So, we take pride in the confidence which we have when we say that we are able to satisfy every single one of our customers who walk in the door. Our DJ booth is often occupied by some big names, our drinks menu has something for everyone, and if music and dancing isn’t for you, then there is an outside area. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a Bournemouth beach bar, give us a shot. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Bournemouth beach bars

Located 10 minutes away from the beach, we are in a prime spot for visitors to the town. Our bar has won ‘Bournemouth’s Best Night Out’ at the Best Bar None Travel and Tourism Awards, so you can be assured that our bar is an experience that you won’t regret visiting. When you visit our beach bars Bournemouth, our DJs will play the following genres of music:

  • EDM
  • House
  • R&B
  • Hip-hop
  • Nu Disco, and more

Visit our beach bars in Bournemouth today

Our bar is unique in its own way, and we do all that we can to make it stand out from the other beach bars in Bournemouth. We’ve been an established bar in Bournemouth for almost two decades, and we have become a popular local “watering hole” as well as a popular choice for tourists.

To top it all off, we are located right on the edge of the coast and so all of our customers can enjoy a night of music, dancing, and relaxing whilst they take in the view that is the coast of Bournemouth.


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Our Events

We like to shake things up every few nights so that we don’t blend in with the others as “just another club”. Uniqueness is important, and by providing our customers with events a few times a week, we maintain our spot as one of the most popular beach bars in Bournemouth.

To check out our upcoming events and plan when you should visit our bar, view our events page.

Private Bar

If you’re not looking for a fun night of dancing and music, no problem! We have a private bar available which is ideal for family gatherings, get-togethers, and even corporate events.

Our Newsletter

For people who go out to bars on a regular basis and are always looking for the next best thing, or are looking for things which make beach bars in Bournemouth original, then we have something that will interest you.

We publish a regular newsletter in which we provide details about upcoming events at the bar, any special guests who may be attending on certain nights, as well as any changes that we’ll be making to the bar in general.

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Contact Us

If after you’ve heard about our Bournemouth beach bar and what we have to offer, you want to get in touch with us regarding booking, then great! If you’re seeking more information about our bar, want to discuss booking, or you have some questions for us, then call us up on 01202 203050 or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly